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The world of healthcare is a necessary and notable career avenue that can provide potential employees with a viable profession. This area requires careful, loving hands with extensive knowledge and training. And that's where we help you. You will be the first to notice changes in patients which becomes priceless information for nurses and doctors. As a CNA, you become a collective member of a medical support team for patients.

At RSB Nursing Assistant Training Program, we offer a training program to help both new and seasoned professionals become Certified Nurse's Assistants. If you have always been interested in the medical field and caring for others, then this may be a life-changing opportunity for you.

So, what do CNAs do exactly? As a Nurse's Assistant you would be responsible for the basic care of patients. This would include assisting with feeding, bathing, cleaning, movement, conversation, etc. and providing assistance for their daily living activities. This position is a rewarding one in which you can develop close, interpersonal relationships with clients under your care.

Class Schedule

Tuition $ 480

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Location: Start Date: End Date: Duration: Time:
August 10
August 25
12 Days
8 AM to 4 PM
August 26
September 11
12 Days
8 AM to 4 PM


For individuals seeking a new, exciting career path, RSB awaits. We offer both evening and day classes. With two traveling Licenses, our class locations are flexible with nursing homes and other locations.

For more details, visit our classes page or call us at (870) 926-9496 or 870-926-9495.

Learning Assistance

Part of what sets us apart from other CNA programs is our dedication to helping every student succeed. No matter what your skill or education level may be, we strive to prepare you in earning your certification.

No GEDs or high school diplomas are required.

A Viable
Career Path

If you're looking for a rewarding career that is both in demand and viable, then becoming a Certified Nurse's Assistant is the right path for you. With competitive pay and room for growth in the medical field, you'll soon see why so many are choosing this career path.

Been Certified In Arkansas Before - You Only need to Retest.

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You can apply to take your Certification exam online or via US mail. The online applications allow for immediate credit card payment processing. Paper applications should be used when paying with certified check or money order.

To submit forms or if you have questions concerning the NATP program or CNA related activities, please email at